Caravan of the Force

What do we have here?

Jedi News have created a awesome new charity called Caravan of the Force. Their aim is to reach £4000 in aid of Make a Wish Foundation. Their first mission was to drive a convoy of cars (with Jeremy Bolouch!) to Essen – Germany, in time for SW Celebration Europe 2! (Whoop! Whoop!) On their journey they would stop off at certain points to meet up with the local 501st. At CE2, Jedi News members set up a stand selling exclusive Caravan of the Force shirts (of which I have, and are very comfy!) and slaved away all day at shakin’ those blue pots! Then they auctioned certain Star Wars products, again, all in help for MAW!

Can you help them achieve their goal???

Donate here:
Every Credit counts!



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