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Crafty Miss Kitty’s hand crafted SW jewelery


If you attended this years MCM Birmingham and Memorabilia Comic-Con you could have passed Miss Kitty’s hand crafted jewellery stand and just maybe seen her awesome Star Wars range! If not, then make sure to visit her site and Facebook page to view the inspiring collection!


X-Wing Miniatures: The Rebel Aces


The X-Wing Miniatures Rebel Aces are up for Pre-Order at Wayland Games for only £22.49!

Two starfighter miniatures with bold, alternative paint schemes, Rebel Aces allows you to represent the heroic pilots who first flew A-wings and B-wings as experimental prototypes.

Four highly skilled, unique new pilots

Thirteen upgrade cards

A dramatic rescue mission

All the tokens and maneuver dials you need to launch these starfighters into battle against the evil Galactic Empire.

It also includes a new mission, which thrusts some of the Rebellion’s finest pilots into a desperate rescue effort that highlights the B-wing’s durability and the A-wing’s agility.

Source: Wayland Games