Review and Precis for Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #1



The rise of the Empire has begun and the Jedi are rapidly becoming extinct while the galaxy is becoming inducted into the evil Empire planet by planet. After the execution of order 66 it is mandatory that all Clone Troopers are to be slowly transformed into the feared Stormtroopers. But for the Clones who were injured or escaped the wars, life is different. Many have found refuge in cantinas, strange planets and criminal gangs. They are forgotten about, not needed and not important.

Clone CT-5539 was forgotten. As soon as he fell from the Republic Gunship, he was just another worthless loss. But he was a fighter, and fought not for the army but for his life. After many weeks of savaging the desert he stumbled upon a farm and became a refugee, paying his debt off by assisting the local farmer in daily duties.

Every day he would think about how much he hated the Jedi for leaving him there and what he was going to do with his life, and after many months of debating he finally decided to leave the farm, debt paid, and search for the well feared legend named Darth Vader.


In this mini-series we will be following the story of a rogue Trooper in search for a feared Sith lord. The main characters we will be following and seeing some action from are Clone Trooper CT-5539 and Darth Vader. The story is about a deserted Clone Trooper searching for Darth Vader in the hopes of helping him destroy the Jedi as revenge for them abandoning him.


The drawing and colouring is very authentic sometimes looking like it has been drawn with pastel which gives a much more emotional effect on the reader. Even though it has been drawn in a bold manner the attention to detail is impeccable for which I applaud the artist for. It’s also interesting to see such hatred for the Jedi from a Clone but becomes understandable as he tells the story. This also causes the reader to have a more hostile approach towards the Jedi as you see how un caring they really can be which I also praise the writer for as it isn’t easy to change someone’s opinion about such a glorified society in a couple of scenes.

Through the last scene where he looks out onto an old spaceport I can really tell that it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the main character guaranteeing a adventurous and emotionally action packed series. The old spaceport in the middle of the desert also hopefully reminds the reader of Mos Eisley which brings warmth within, and we all know how awesome Mos Eisley was. This is going to be a real good mini-series so make sure you don’t miss out on a single issue!

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