Review and Precis for Darth Vader and the 9th assassin #1

Star Wars Darth Vader and the 9th Assassin #1



Vader, an Assassin and a rich Man. How will this workout?

Find out, in Darth Vader and the 9th Assassin, brought to you by Dark Horse Comics! Overall this is an original, dark, addictive and want-to-read-more comic, spread over 6 fantastic issues!

So, how did we get to Vader, an Assassin and a rich Man? Well, it is a time after the great Clone Wars when the galaxy is under the rule of the Empire. A small mining world, flourishing on its own without any Empire, is disturbed when the well feared Sith lord Darth Vader wants to renegotiate contracts. Obviously I don’t want to give the whole story away but the son of the rich Man who owns this fine mining planet is killed by Vader. In return, the rich Man hires a highly trained assassin to deal with Darth Vader. As Yoda may say “A very interesting outcome this shall be!”



The artwork in this comic is exquisite with its not bright, but definitely different colours. All the characters in the comic are new, although it seems to be incredibly secretive with their names (none of the characters have actually been named yet, apart from Vader!) it’s also not giving any names away with the species of the horned creature on the cover page. I did my fair bit of research and the closest I got was a Kaleesh!?

But, like I said, overall this comic is a great off shoot from the main stream comics and if you enjoy the Expanded Universe then this is definitely a comic for your collection! Issue #1 is currently available for purchase from Dark Horse Comics for only $3.50!

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