ThinkGeek: Weekly Update 9/12/13


Well what a week of fun surprises we have had from our good pals over at ThinkGeek . They have some great stuff on offer at the moment like the Han Solo card holder, the Death Star ice mold, the Death Star tea infuser, the R2-D2 soy sauce dispenser and the Boba Fett bath robe. They also have some awesome looking new releases including the DIY SW model kits and the Lightsaber earings, perfect for a Crimbo pressie!
It’s that time of the year and that really annoying takes-ages-to-get-off frost is starting to cover your car. But don’t panic, because now you can scrape it off quickly and efficiently, Star Wars style, with the new Wampa ice scraper! Or, do you need to get in that Christmas mood? Well don’t worry, because ThinkGeek have just the thing…a R2-D2 snow globe!
Go and check them out for other great gift ideas and don’t forget to tune in next week for the weekly update!

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