Comic Review: SW Droids 1 of 6


It is a time before the battle of Yavin, the Rebel Alliance is still young and the Empire still growing. But for C-3PO, a simple protocol droid and R2-D2, a courageous astromech droid, it is still early days. They are off on their own little adventures in strange and mystical galaxies.

Their latest adventure takes them to an unknown world of jungle terrain and durasteel workshops where R2-D2 and C-3P0 are attending for Nak Pitareeze, and young lonely boy, part of an honourable family. But Nak is having trouble getting along with the two droids and is constantly getting told off by his Grandpa who is the great inventor of the MT-5 hyper drive unit.

But Nak’s Grandpa has an arch enemy named Olag, and he is after the MT-5 hyper drive. So after getting fed up of being told, off Nak decides to travel to the floating ship yard where Olag lives and presents him with the hyper drive, but it is a fake! Olag takes Nak as a hostage and his randsome, the hyper drive! What will Nak’s Grandpa do and how will the two innocent droids help?

The Review

So in the first issue of Star Wars Droids we will be seeing action from C3P0 and R2-D2. We’ll also be seeing some action from Expanded Universe characters Nak Pitareeze, his Grandfather the baron and his Grandfathers arch enemy Olag. Olag will be taking Nak hostage with R2 while Baron and C-3P0 are on the case of saving him!

Due to this being a reasonably old comic, Nak will be playing the clever young kid while the Baron plays his old worrying grandfather and as always Artoo and Threepio will be playing semi heroes. If you’re a fan of the Expanded Universe then you’ll definitely want to tune into these reviews and get reading the issues because they are packed with strange animals and ships with classic drawn figures.

If you’re lucky enough to have the paper back comic you’ll notice that the cover is beautifully embossed with some great use of colours. The pages also have a really old newspaper thin feel to them. The only problem is the length of the story, it’s been written as an issue not as a whole story so it would have been much better if they had included more pages.

But I would be a great quick read for the bus, train or coffee shop especially if you buy it digitally! It may have a typical storyline but it’s still a great classic packed with early Expanded Universe characters and classic humour from Both Artoo and C-3PO!

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