Full review for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

It is a time of civil war. The Rebel Alliance is locked in constant combat with the evil Galactic Empire. The Rebels have grown stronger but after the defeat of the Empires first super heavy battle station named the “Death Star” the Emperor has decided to start the construction of another Death Star. Although this time it will be even more powerful and fully operational than the last. But he can’t do it alone. So he has hired YOU!

Build levels, stock shops, browse the Holonet, under take missions from the Emperor himself, collect species, hire Bitizens, find secret plans, hunt for rebel spies, evict Bitizens, dress up your favourite Bitizens, collect scenes and even man the elevator! All for free in this amazing 5 star game!

This has been the third official Star Wars branded game released since Disney was handed the reins and for a free game, it’s absolutely superb! (probably because it was developed by LucasArts). So in this review I’ll be covering the main good and bad issues and any other minor and major points.

Let’s get the bad points out of the way first. When working on your Death Star the Emperor has missions or challenges for you to accomplish. But when you carry out your missions it isn’t always processed as completed, forcing you to skip the mission which also uses up your tokens, also known as Imperial Bux. But to be honest, this rarely happens. It would also be nice to see some more interactive objectives like fending off Rebel attacks or destroying asteroids to clear a path. But apart from that, they’re the only real bad things!

There are so many fun aspects to this game. It’s basically a light Star Wars themed Sims with a retro pixelated look which makes the game so eye-catching and attractive. There’s a step by step guide of what does what when you first download the game and after that it’s easy to get the hang of. The main objectives of the game are to complete the Emperor’s wishes, keep your shops serving and build as many levels as possible. Pretty simple, but who said simple wasn’t hard or fun!

The menu allows easy access to the list of Bitizens (People) you own, the store where you can buy more cash, the Holonet (Bitizen Facebook), your missions, your levels, your album and the inventory. But you don’t control most of your Death Star from it. When something is needed from you, a small flashing icon appears at the bottom of the screen, making sure that you don’t miss anything which is helpful for older players. The themed music sounds very jazzy and relaxed, a nice alternative but can get quite repetitive. Even though everything is incredibly pixelated the attention to detail is astonishing like the Boba Fett helmet for sale in the toy section or the wallpaper pattern in the residential area.
It’s one of the few games where you’re working for the Empire and overall it is the best Star Wars mobile game yet, with a modern twist on a retro theme. You can play this game anywhere any time and the best thing is, It’s FREE! It’s incredibly addictive and very cute making it a great game for both female and male players and it is also simple enough that people of any age can play it!

Get it on your device now!

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