R2-D2 soy sauce dispenser

Think Geek have released their new Star Wars product…


The variety of a Jedi’s diet is lacking. Most just eat what they can find in the Rebellion’s cafeteria. But, when the day ends and all the rebels get to go home to their families and homes, some of them like to enjoy the finer things in life. A night out at a favorite sushi restaurant is always a lovely time, but it doesn’t feel quite right. Most pilots come home and find themselves missing a little something from work, a little someone. So, next time you go out to enjoy a bit of Spicy Colo Claw Roll, invite the R2 unit along!

Sure, R2 is a great copilot: it alerts you of incoming enemies, missiles, or which exit you should take for great burritos, but he’s got other talents. All newer model R2s, and most of the older ones, come with an adapter that can be reprogrammed with a little software upgrade to be used as a liquid dispenser, or more specifically a soy sauce dispenser. Thank the stars you’ll never have to disappoint another R2 unit when it asks to come along for dinner now that your non-consuming counterpart can just dispense the night’s salty sauces!Product Specifications:Incredibly detailed replica of the original R2D2.

Hollow interior space for liquid storage
Reprogrammed holographic projector now pouring spout
Easy clean up and dishwasher safe
Officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible

Source: ThinkGeek.com

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