Review for SW: Clone Wars Adventures



First, Master Obi-Wan and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker are scouting on a mysterious planet when incredible beasts start attacking them. They must use there Jedi skills and as Anakin says “Good Fortune” to avoid being destroyed. Will they ever manage to escape death or will something catch them out? Find out in the first story “Creature Comfort”

Then, Padame Naberrie and her servant are invited to a senator’s dinner party. But Padme is not all convinced that the host senator Drexx is all for the Republic. Senator Naberrie decides to go on a secret covert girlie mission with her sidekick Sheltay. Will they accomplish their mission and what will they uncover about the sneaky senator? Read on in “Spy Girls”

In the third story, Jedi Master Bultar Swan is the only surviving member from an all-out attack on a super fortress. But the creature in the control seat invites her in to play a game. Master Swan accepts and is soon tossed into a physco game with blasters and deathly gadgets. Will she destroy the person responsible for slaughtering her clones or will the fortress’ control room be “Impregnable”?


Finally, three renegades want to escape from their home planet due to the Clone Wars. But first they must think of an idea to get off the planet. They decide to rob the governmental banks in order to buy their way off the planet. But personal matters start to get in the way and dressing up like a Clone Trooper in a Clone battle isn’t always the brightest thing to do. What will it boil down to in “This Precious Shining”?T

he ReviewThere’s plenty of humor between Obi-Wan and Anakin with in the first few pages which is always a warm welcoming. The first story also reminds me of when Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Jar Jar are in the Naboo sub in Episode 1 when a massive beast comes for them, but then an even bigger beast comes etc. which always makes a little chuckle. So overall for the first story we are off to a good start with plenty of humor and cool beasts.For the second story we see Padme with her hair rolled up into buns, walking with senator Bail Organa which cleverly reflects Princess Leia with Bail Organa. The whole second story is about Padme on a secret mission to uncover the truth. Again reflecting on all of Leia’s personalities, very clever. The third story is lightly involved with physco games just like how the modern horror films are set up today. I find this very peculiar for a child orientated book but still it’s a great story line with cool gadgets.

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