Rumour Report: Harrison for casting?


Harrison Ford is in Europe right now to promote Ender’s Game, and he was recently interviewed by a French journalist and the possibility of him appearing in Episode VII naturally came up. The journalist apparently was really pushy with him and seemed to be disappointed with the answers he got, as Ford didn’t give up anything new, but he did leave the door open to a future announcement.French website Gala detailed the interview. In it, Ford said that for the original Star Wars he was only offered one movie. Then they came with the second and third and he took one at a time based on their merits. He never expected to be doing an Episode VII.Specifically to Episode VII he said they have not announced yet if he’s going to be doing the fourth movie so he couldn’t answer the guy’s question. But Ford was able to tell the guy was disappointed that he didn’t get an answer so he said, “We’ll see…”Obviously none of the “Big Three” can say anything about their involvement in Episode VII as Lucasfilm has not yet made any official announcements about casting. Those are expected to happen very soon, so we just need to buckle down and be patient…

Source: Jedi News

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