Review for Star Wars Legacy Book 2

LH Reviews23429


It has been 136 years since the ruling Empire was defeated at Endor. Emperor Roan Fel resurrected the Empire though with aid from Darth Krayt and his legion of Sith. But little did the Emperor know that his Sith allies were soon to overthrow him and create a new kind of Empire, A worse Empire, a Cruel Empire and a Devastating Empire.

But a spark of hope remains as Admiral Gar Stazi of the fights on with his small army of what is left of the Galactic Alliance. But not all is well in his fleet as resources are running out and he starts to call for desperate measures, for it is, a desperate time. But Admiral Stazi and his fleet are not the only hope for the Galaxy, no; there is someone much more powerful

Cade Skywalker, the last heir to the Skywalkers. But he is not a strong heroic Jedi, no, but a desperate pirate who does dirty work for a living. But even pirates get in trouble, this time, by the Sith. Skywalker has been captured by Sith leaders and tortured into nearly becoming one of them…


From just opening the first page this already reminds me of “The Star Wars” with the fallen Empire replaced by a new worse on and how this book seems a lot darker and gruesome then the others, also showing aspects from George Lucas’ rough-draft screenplay. I find it interesting as well that one of the last hopes for the republic seems to be a load of renegades all bundled up together that are starving and irritated which doesn’t give you much hope as a reader, a good way to start playing mental games with the reader.

But then you realise that the Rebel Alliance was also a load of gathered renegades, which then changes your expectations of the outcome. This then also makes the read a lot more interesting because you want to read on and find out if they can actually pull anything off like the rebel alliance did, tying the reader in from only a couple of pages in. There are also plenty of visually stunning fight scenes with amazing force flipping skills and striking Sith lightening.

This Book seems incredibly involved with ancient Sith magic powers and knowledge which makes you feel much closer to the Sith ways. For the size of the book, the immense detail in each drawing is absolutely astounding. Overall though, this complete book has doesn’t have many negative effects apart from the intensity and complexity of the context. But it’s a definite ‘to buy’ comic giving you a great insight into the Sith and what possibly could be a story line in the upcoming films???

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