Rumour Report: Saoirse Ronan for Episode 7?


The Scum and Villainy Blog over at got word of this rumour:

According to Kellvin Chavez at the Latino Review, the 19-year-old Irish actress has been in to read for a part in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. And there’s even some speculation as to what that part might be.

“About two weeks ago I got a phone call about who else went in to read for an unknown part,” says Chavez. “I was just told to hold off till it happened and so it did.”

“The girl that went in for a read is… Saoirse Ronan.”

After rising to fame in the 2007 British film ‘Atonement’, Ronan has become best known for her portrayal of Susie Salmon in the rather harrowing drama ‘The Lovely Bones’. But what sort of part could she be up for in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’? Chavez thinks he might already know the answer…

“I tried to find out what Ronan went in [for] but they wouldn’t tell me. During the conversation what was very interesting was that there will be a female villain part as well.”

Source: Scum and Villainy Blog

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