Review and Precis for Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol.5

LH Reviews
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Aayla Secura has been sent to Endor to reveal why separatists have been building secret outposts. But her scout team never checked in which arouses suspicion. After landing on the planet she finds remains of Battle Droids and Clone Trooper armour. What took her Clones and are they still alive? Find out in ‘What Goes Up…’

Then Bail Organa must travel on a diplomatic visit to the world of Metalorn to discuss matters with leader Foreman Tambor. But Organa doesn’t seem impressed with the situation on Metalorn although his real reason to visit this world is a whole new story entirely. Will he accomplish his mission and escape? Find out in ‘Bailed Out’

Thirdly, General Grievous and Count Dokuu have lead the republic forces into a trap on the mining world of Viidaav. As Battle Droids commence the trap a squad of Clone Troopers pick up the signal and must stop the final attack. But a group of angry Viidaav Colonists stand between the two, eager to kill. Will the squad make it in time or will the colonists stop them? Find out in ‘Heroes On Both Sides’

Finally, Master Sev and Padawan Joc Sah have been sent to the outcast world of Ragmar V to set up base for a forthcoming assault. But little do they realise that the locals aren’t supportive for the Republic and immediately start attacking. But the final showdown holds a surprise for both Padawan and outcast as Order 66 is initiated. How will it all end in ‘The Order Of Outcasts’


In the first story Master Aayla Secura manages to pick up a Battle Droid with a sense of humour. Granted, most Battle Droids have a sense of humour as shown in the films but only as their about to be killed or as their killing something else. But this one actually generates conversation with Secura which becomes very amusing throughout. We also see some classic action from the Ewoks, which is very much like their actions in ROTJ. So as always we get consistent relevance from the classic films.

This whole collection of comics is more unique due to their time period where there actually set during movies whereas most comics are set before, after or in-between movies. See, in these issues we read more about the things we miss in Episode 3 and get insights into the missions which Jedi are carrying out just before the initiation of Order 66.

In the last story we see a Jedi Padawan with a group of outlaws about to battle with Clone Troopers, but it ends before the fight actually begins sooo we don’t actually know if he survived or not leaving a vacant space for a separate story of a Jedi’s struggle. Overall this issue is action packed with plenty of unseen ships, architecture and aliens and for only $6.99 (£4.44) is a great bargain!

Get it here!: SWCWA VOL.5

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