New Star Wars Bags From Think Geek!


Fresh in from Jedi News:

Hiding under the guise of a normal human citizen, your true identity has made dozens of attempts to break through. The fleshy prison you’ve housed this being in is growing weaker, more susceptible to suggestion, the desire to give in and allow the real you to overwhelm. We all know what it wants, what we must do to placate the monster: reflect. We must mimic the internal by means of external expression. To give it what it wants in small enough doses to keep the creature under wraps. Is it part of the Alliance, a Galactic Empire drone, or was it the droid you’ve been looking for all along?

Feed the beast with these iconic backpacks. With just enough flare, quality in craft, and self-expression, you can quench its thirst without letting others know of your “situation.” It’s a fiend of the most horrific design, a Star Wars fan. And, even though you enjoy the franchise, occasionally indulge in the universe, it’ll never be enough for “it.” But maybe, just maybe, this bit of high quality, practical fandom will bring you much-needed relief.
•Made with a tough mix of polyester, PVC, and nylon
•Product Dimensions: 18″ x 11.5″
•Five pockets: one tiny side pocket, two small front pockets, one medium front pocket, and one large internal storage compartment.
•Padded straps for comfort
•Cushioned back panel with logo
•Available in Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, and Mandalorian Warrior

Get Them Here! :

Jedi News:

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