The Star Wars: Coming out tomorrow!


‘The Star Wars’ comic series will be launched tommorow where you can get it at: and with that, here’s some news on it freshly pressed from Jedi News!:

In advance of its highly anticipated September 4th release date, The Star Wars illustrator Mike Mayhew recently chatted with Newsarama about his involvement in this new comic series from Dark Horse.

Nrama: You’ve called this the Apocalypse Now version of Star Wars in terms of its dark nature. How is it so different, thematically?

Mayhew: Thematically, it’s probably similar; a group of disparate characters come together to fight for freedom against an evil empire. The execution is way different and darker. There is much more emotion, action, and violence. It’s on par with The Searchers or Seven Samurai. Almost all ofThe Star Wars #3 feels like a “spaghetti western” with lazerswords. This isn’t a children’s fantasy that softens danger and is mindful of toy licenses. This is a journey into the heart of darkness, with Jedi warriors who slice and dice their way through everything the Empire can throw at them. I’m wrapping up The Star Wars #4, and half way through this “movie” General Luke is approaching double digits for kills. Overall there is more loss, tragedy, and passion in these characters driven by higher stakes consequences as a result of the war with the Empire. This is the draft that I bet John Milius would have loved!

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