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LH Reviews
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Review and Précis for Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Volume 4


R2-D2 and C-3P0 have crashed in the forest of Bri’Ahl and must find their way back to the palace grounds. But first they must fight through forest beasts to then be physically thrown into a plot to eliminate Senator Amidala and destabilise the whole planet. Will they stop the plot or not? Find out in “Another Fine Mess”

Then Anakin gets a distress call from a Jedi located in a deserted space station. He finds only one remaining Jedi who is intent that he does not voyage further in for something utterly strange and impossible to kill lurks around. But will it be impossible for Anakin Skywalker? Find out in “The Brink”

After that a squad of Clone Commandos have been sent out to rescue and protect any local survivors from the aftermath of a battle between Separatist and Republic forces. The squad manages to save one refugee, a child. But some separatist droids have still survived. Will they make it back to the camp and what unexpected event will happen there? Find out in “Orders”

Finally a group of Wookies must defend their part of the village soon after order 66 where every Clone has turned. How will this group of Wookies lead and trap the dedicated Clones in the undergrowth of Kysshyk but how many will they lose? Find out in “Descent”


The first second you open the book there’s already a great stream of the classic love hate relationship humour when C-3P0 is blaming R2 for the crash. As always in these comics we get a look at some interesting forest creatures and a new planet which always comes with new people.

In the second part we see Anakin shoot off into a solo mission to a deserted space station which reflected on the comic Agent of the Empire Volume 2 where Jahan Cross had to travel to an un-finished space casino, so if you enjoyed Jahan Cross then you’ll probably enjoy this story.

On the third story we see how Clone Commandos act toward a mis-behaving child and we learn how tough a Clone upbringing is and how they only have each other to rely on which can actually make you feel a bit sorry for the Clones. And the final story picks up from where Episode III left off from in Kysshyk where Order 66 had just been initiated. In this chapter we see how the wookies use their surroundings to destroy the clones. If you’re a fan of the classic characters then this is the volume for you!

LH Reviews
Review and Précis for Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3


It is just the beginning of the Clone Wars and Count Dooku is recruiting new members into his ranks. But first they must pass a test and this time it is General Grievous who must past that test. Un-known to Asajj Ventress and Durge, General Grievous has been let loose in Dokuu’s ship and they have been ordered to find the ‘intruder’ and destroy it. How will it end in ‘Rouges Gallery’?

Then, a squad of Republic Commandos have been dispatched to retrieve a diplomatic package of Chancellor Palpatine's which has been stolen by a gang of Bounty Hunters. How will this epic battle conclude in the streets of Ord Mantell as Commandos fight Bounty Hunters in ‘The Package’?

Thirdly, Master Yoda treks to a lawless town with the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in order to save the local people from a whole army of Droids. What will happen when a small man has a big gun in ‘A Stranger in Town’? Finally, a squad of Republic Clone Troopers are stranded in a trench against a whole army of Droids. What will they do in ‘One Battle’?


At the start of the comic we get a shot of a cool unseen vessel belonging to Count Dooku. We also get a look at what I assume was one of Dooku’s first companions called ‘Durge’ which spookily looks like General Grievous! (Who knows, Gen. Grievous could have been developed out of this guy!?) The great thing about this Comic collection is that it’s all unseen and behind the scenes stuff from the Clone Wars Series, like in this Volume we see the test which put Grievous in his place.

In the second part of the comic we see some interesting action and tactics with the Republic Commandos and how so many troops will be killed for something of little use or meaning. Reflecting on how wrong politics can be, how sacrifice can sometimes not even be noticed or appreciated, a very strong message conveyed, surprisingly, through a comic aimed more at children (I hate saying that).

But then in the third part the Seriousness is loosened up as we get a very short but hilarious story from Yoda which I would personally buy the comic for. Then in the final section of the book we see some hero action from Plo Koon (or someone who most definitely looks like him) and strangely talks in the language of maybe his home world? This volume is a great buy if you want some funny stuff from Yoda or intense action from Commandos and it can be yours for only $6.99 from https://digital.darkhorse.com/profile/2080.star-wars-clone-wars-adventures-vol-3-tpb/

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