Konami to develop new star wars card game for ios


Courtesy of @Episode7News

Konami just announced a brand new Star Wars card battling game for iOS and Android. It’s called Star Wars: Force Collection,. The game will feature “more than 230 heroes, villains, and vehicles from all six episodes” which will be used to build decks to complete quests, participate in “massive battle events,” and there’s even a light and dark side system.

The game uses video footage, music and sound effects from the Star Wars films and has a questing and card battling component. On the questing side, players will be able to take a lead character card to one of six planets and explore the areas on the planets. While questing, players will encounter enemies who they have to fight, and these fights take the form of the player using energy points to perform attacks. Upon winning, players can gain experience and earn cards.

In the meatier card battle mode, players will create their decks and take them into battle against real-life opponents. The game has more than 230 heroes, villains and vehicles from Star Wars Episodes 1-6, and each character has different stats, strengths and abilities. These individual cards can also be enhanced by spending crystals (which is the in-game currency that can be earned through battles or bought with cash), or they can be evolved by merging more than one of the same card. Players can buy additional cards with crystals or credits.

Once a player creates their deck, they can choose to take part in player versus player rank battles, attack rivals, seek revenge on those who attacked them or loot for pieces of a vehicle. When looting, players will be matched with opponents who have the vehicle parts they need, and they will fight it out for the pieces.
The game is expected to be a free-to-play mobile card battling game…

Star Wars Episode 7 News: http://episode7news.com

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