Help Chewy a.k.a Peter Mayhew stand once again!


The Charity site have hosted a new charity event called “Standing in the Stars” dedicated to raising enough money for Chewbacca’s a.k.a Peter Mayhew knee’s to be replaced so he can stand once more. And Remember, if you don’t have time to read all of the post we’ll make this into a page, words by KickStarter…

When someone passes Peter Mayhew on the street, they do a double-take. It could be because he stands a head taller than the crowd at 7’3”, or it could be because they recognize him as the man behind the mask of Chewbacca in the Star Wars films. Peter was born with a condition called Giantism, which brought him both his astounding size and his famous role, but carries with it some serious health concerns.

Over the years, it has become more and more difficult for Peter to stand upright and walk, requiring the use of a cane or a wheelchair. He and his family are determined to get him back on his own two feet. His doctors came up with a solution: an intense series of surgeries that would replace his knees and give him the potential to walk unassisted.

Filming Schedule

We will be following Peter to his last convention before the surgery, interviewing him and other celebrities from the star wars universe and the convention circuit. You’ll get a peek into his life and struggles at home as a giant. We’ll be interviewing his doctors and the engineers behind his prosthetic knees that have been specially constructed for him.

Then, you’ll follow Peter through the day of his 4 surgeries. During that single day they will be replacing the top and bottom of both knees. They will also be cutting through his tendons to lengthen them and allow him to straighten his legs and lock his knees.

After the surgery we will follow Peter through the two months of intense rehabilitation and recovery. Then with his friends, family and fans present we will celebrate as we get to see Peter stand and walk on his own at his full height.

Why we’re doing this?

Peter wants to share this, his most difficult battle yet, with his friends, fans, and family. Our goal is to be able to film an account of the struggles and successes Peter faces on his path to recovery, and to help his many fans learn more about what he goes through every day.

Your support, along with the love of his friends and family, is what is giving him the drive to reclaim his mobility. This documentary will also give its audience a chance to learn what Peter’s life was like growing up as a Giant in England. It will tell story of his giantism and how it has affected his career and life to this point. He and his family are very excited for this opportunity, and Peter is opening up the wookiee vaults (his private collection) and signing special memorabilia solely to support the project. We hope that you’ll show your support for our project and for a man with a giant body and an even bigger heart.

Risks and challenges

Understandably, most of the risks are being taken directly by Peter. Invasive surgery of this sort on anyone can be dangerous. On a giant with Peter’s unique medical condition it is even more dangerous.

The challenges we face in filming the documentary are making sure we accurately and respectfully record the events with journalistic integrity from front to back. Funding all our own travel and keeping after our own equipment is one of our primary goals. Allowing Peter and his family to have the space they need and introducing the least amount of stress from a film crew is of the utmost importance to every member of our team.

The reality of this project is that the recovery process from this type of surgery is a grueling one, and we’ll be following along showing progress, but also setbacks. We’re following Peter’s most difficult and fantastic journey yet and in the process we’ll be learning about what makes him so unique.

This surgery could allow Peter the chance to pursue his passion as an actor and re-enter the film industry while standing tall, but regardless of the outcome, his friends, fans and family will be taken on an unforgettable journey. This journey will be documented, the story will be told, and we will all be a part of Peter Mayhew’s rise or fall.

If you would like to donate, follow this link:

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