Return of the Legacy Collection!


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Star Wars action figure collectors fondly look back on the Legacy Collection Droid Factory figures they many feel were cancelled way too soon. Appeals were made to Hasbro but the pleas of collectors fell on deaf ears until this past July when Hasbro announced they would be bringing back 6 previously unreleased carded figures via

Over the weekend, Star Wars fan site discovered the images of all 6 carded figures and the packaging (while the cards are fantastic, the box is very plain and boring). The set will include the following figures:

BAD Clone Trooper

Tie Pilot


Battle Droid

Sun Fac


These were all previously announced and cancelled, but are now up for pre-order at for $59.99 with a release date of October 15, 2013. With this set (for collectors who open), you can build a 7th figure, TC-70, the Jabba the Hutt’s Protocol Droid figure. You can see all the images in the slideshow and the first ever look at the packaging (even Amazon has yet to debut it).

Sadly, this will be the final set of figures from the Legacy Collection Droid Factory, but droid fans who visit Disney World can always visit the Star Wars Droid Factory experience and create any droid with hundreds of options.

Yoda’s News:

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