Review for Star Wars Zam Wessel

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Review and Précis for Star Wars Zam Wessel


Thinking nothing of it, Jango Fett and Zam Wessel have stolen an ancient artefact for a client. But then Zam learns that the artefact has the capabilities to destroy an entire planet and that’s just what the client is intending to do, his target, Coruscant.
Zam must persuade Jango Fett to team up with her to hunt down the client and retrieve and replace the artefact to its place of origin. But unknown to them, the Jedi council have sent Master Yarael Poof to also hunt down the artefact. What will the outcome be from a three way Mexican standoff between a Jedi, Notorious Bounty Hunters and a pack of suicidal terrorists? Find out in ‘Star Wars Zam Wessel’


This comic is packed with intense dialogue throughout causing there to be little whole page shots of characters or action. The mood of the comic is portrayed through the tone of colour in the background really well, for example in the first few pages when the Jedi council are discussing a new threat, the sky is a dark purple and orange which suggests to the reader danger, threat or grief.
When Zam is persuading Jango to help, we get a very small piece of info about his past life and some love/hate relation between the two of them. There’s also a great final action scene with plenty of laser shooting and many close calls. Unfortunately or fortunately, we get to see the fate of Master Yarael Poof which was never shown in the film. But overall this comic’s storyline is original which makes it so unique. This book is definitely suited for an afternoon read accompanied by a nice cuppa tea.

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