Rumour Update: Ian McDiarmid To return as emperor palpatine

Carrying on from the other day’s rumour report of Ian McDiarmid returning as the Emperor, Latino Review have upted the data and have now said that he will be returning as a Force Spirit (Seen at the end of ROTJ). They say “Palpatine had a new apprentice before he got killed. Why would the clone be an old emperor? Go look at some of the old Dark Horse Comics. They cloned the Emperor in those comics. Why would they repeat that? Why bring the Emperor back to life? That would just be stupid as all hell.Sorry to geek fans who made up their own world but it just is NOT how it is. Once again not going by any books. Not one thing they have in the script is from a book.”

But guys and gals, please remember, these are just rumours for the time being!

But do stay tuned for updates!

Source of info: and

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