Review and Precis for Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures volume 2

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Review and Précis for Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Volume 2


Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are on, what would seem like, a normal starfighter mission until they discover several, all new, droid sky fighting fortresses. Master and Padawan must use their force-flipping skills and force sensitive minds to destroy this new threat in ‘Skywalkers’
Then, Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee must evacuate and defend a planet from General Grevious’ droid forces. But Padawan Offee is cut off from the main Clone forces and must use her Masters wise words to help her come up with a plan to help annihilate the droid forces in ‘Hide in Plain Site’
Finally, Master Windu is shot down from the skies leaving only him to accomplish the mission of sabotaging a weapon capable of destroying a whole planet. How will it end in Master Mace Windu’s high paced solo mission of ‘Run Mace Run’


The first story starts off with a well-known scene from Episode IV when Luke meets Ben Kenobi for the first time which is nice for the Trilogy to be reflected in the Clone Wars Comics. The first part of the Comic also finishes with a scene from Episode IV. It’s actually quite well written, for at the start, Ben Kenobi flashbacks to the mission then at the end we see Darth Vader coming out of the flashback. We also see some real good concepts of vehicles, like the Droids flying fighting fortress, which may sound crazy but that’s the beautiful thing about comics, is that you can illustrate your imagination onto paper. And that’s what the Expanded Universe is for, all the illustrated or written things from the imagination for Star Wars. But anyway, back to the comic.

In the second part of the book we get an insight into a mission with Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee where we get to read some wise words of Master Unduli which could sometimes help in real life situations! Finally, in part three, we see an interesting, short but sweet, solo mission for Mace Windu where we see Yoda guiding him through the force by also, using his wise words. Overall, this comic is full of Wisdom and as always these volumes are a great little collection to have!

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